July School Holidays – a bit belated…

Well ummmmm what happened to July….? Bit excited that we’re only a month away from Spring!let-the-sun-shine-in-e1533287532573.jpg

During the July school holidays I ran 3 workshops with 6 participants in each and ages ranged from 7 – 13 – girls AND boys. I was pretty darned happy with what the children managed to achieve in our 2-hour workshops with some requiring completion at home. Bearing in mind, some children hadn’t ever picked up a needle before!!

Please enjoy some of their Dapper Dachshund and Cute Kawaii Cactus cleverness.

The consistent feedback from children was that my classes weren’t long enough so I have increased them for October school holidays to 2 ½ hours. Hopefully that will work out better for us all. Nothing worse than rushing to reach the finish line when embroidery is meant to be a “slow craft”. Ha Ha!

It was also a bit exciting that our community paper wrote up an article about my small business – please have a squiz.


Most were very relaxed in the space they were working. Some chose to stitch at the table, others lounged in a bean bag or perched on the couch.


Jess Pengelly: “I’m so relaxed in this beanbag I’m not moving for the rest of the day!”

All were happy with the morning/afternoon tea & lollies.

Some kids were strangers but all managed to get on so nicely to not only converse and laugh together but HELP each other too. A really great opportunity for social skill building and persistence!

I will look forward to seeing some of the children returning for my school holiday workshops in October. Please check out my October stitching workshops when children can join me to stitch Daisy the Cat or Fergus the Fox as well as other patterns previously offered. And naturally, I’m always working on others so do stay tuned!

Hoop Hoop Hooray!

Elise xx

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