Kids Stitching Together

Social Stitching Workshops for Kids

So just having a little bit of reflection time about the few workshops I have run so far. I have a lot of favourite moments but wanted to share this little one with you. During my recent No Probllama workshop in August, I had 5 girls aged 9 & 10 in attendance. 2 were friends at 1 school, 2 friends from another and 1 lovely young lady who knew no one at all (except me). Did it matter? No!!

One of the most wonderful things about stitching and craft is that it brings people together who enjoy a common theme. The girls only took a short time to warm up before we were all chatting animatedly throughout the afternoon about various topics we shared in common – or more realistically, THEY shared in common (sometimes I forget my age).

When you send your children along to one of my workshops, don’t just think of it as simply a ‘craft activity’ to keep them happy because it is SO much more than that. This is where they can find and build their self-confidence. Pictured are two girls, stitching and chatting away (although not in this photo). It was a joy to watch them all helping each other, giving compliments, encouragement and oh my, the laughter and giggling that went on…!!


Most adults these days have their “me-time” actvities, but kids still need a break from their every day too. It’s wonderful to give your children the opportunity to relax in a social creative outlet. I’ve discovered the workshops at Hoop Hoop Hooray can be quite the gathering of old and new friends. And if you do have a group of children interested in attending together, why not set a date with me to book them all in to enjoy the time together!

Thanks for reading,

Elise @ Hoop Hoop Hooray x

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