Kids Stitching workshops

A Supportive environment is SO IMPORTANT!

When I was in high school I got to do a semester in sewing and then ended up learning a bit more sewing through a dear family friend who was like an Auntie to me as well as being a seamstress. Do you remember our lessons with Susan @cherryandsalt? I made the daggiest hoodie!

In my twenties I decided I wanted to improve on my dressmaking skills and booked in to a 10 week Introduction to Sewing short course through West Coast learning (TAFE). I think I attended 2 lessons before I demanded my money back…. The reason being, although the sewing teacher was very experienced in sewing, she had NO PEOPLE SKILLS! I am one of those people that if I am learning a new skill, I do not need to be belittled, I need to be encouraged and supported. I do not need someone to rip out my pins with impatience and shake their head at my ‘lack of skills’ and be barked at that I’m doing things wrong! What an awful off putting experience.

That being said, I can guarantee that your children will NEVER have that kind of experience at one of my workshops! I value a relaxed learning environment that everyone is comfortable to learn and find enjoyment in what they are doing.

Sure, they may feel a bit ‘silly’ if they are having problems with threading a needle and may even get a bit frustrated but… I won’t be doing it all for them and will be encouraging them to persist. And they’ll certainly make mistakes with their stitches but they are reminded (as I try to remind myself) that mistakes are how we learn. Plus, we’re normally the only ones that notice a mistake. Everyone will be full of admiration of the end product and the fact they’ve given it a go and made something for themselves.

kris-atomic-73934-unsplash (1).jpg

Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

p.s. Pleased to report that a few years back, I did end up finding other sewing instructors that were both passionate and patient in their teaching and I continue to try and improve my skills in sewing using a machine. x

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