1000 Hearts Project – Stitching with Children

1000 Hearts Project – Stitching with Children

Some months ago I came across the 1000 Hearts campaign. Started by Sarah De Jonge from Tasmania who made it her mission to make 1000 hearts to give out to people as a symbol of love and compassion. The hearts are made from brightly coloured felt and can fit in people’s pockets. Sarah said the hearts could help all sorts of people in different situations, particularly children.

I decided this kindness project was something I really wanted to become a part of so I contacted Sarah for more information and purchased a few of her acetate (type of plastic) templates from her etsy shop. The campaign’s mission statement is to spread a little love in the world one heart at a time. I think that is rather beautiful, don’t you?


Over the past weekend, I ran a craft stall with friends at a local fete and took the opportunity to encourage children to make hearts to pass on to people who they thought might need them. Prior to the day, I spent countless hours tracing out and cutting these little hearts that it began to feel like I was literally cutting 1000 hearts. Luckily it was an easy enough task to perform in front of our TV watching! I used various types of felt already in my possession or gifted to me by my friend’s lovely Mum (thank you Dianne Cook!). Sarah does recommend wool because its more durable and long lasting but admittedly I went for the pretty colour palette but will bear the quality in mind in future.

The kids genuinely enjoyed making the hearts and gave the stitching a red hot go, some requiring more assistance than others. The end result was they were proud of what they had made and skipped off merrily (some with a little kit to continue on making some at home).

In the future months, I will arrange a local meet up at Dome Kingsley (who are coming up with a package to offer us). This meet will be for “Heartists” (particularly children) to gather for an hour or two on a Saturday afternoon and make hearts to pass on to people and spread the message of kindness.


Thank you for reading and I hope you will support this wonderful campaign.

For more information, do follow 1000 Hearts as well as my own Hoop Hoop Hooray Facebook page to keep informed of future stitching events.



Hoop Hoop Hooray x

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