What will my child learn?
The workshops I offer will cover different outcomes but mostly our focus will be on fine motor skills involving threading needles, using scissors and stitching. During the workshop they will exercise their listening skills as well as their ability to follow instruction. I will be facilitating each of the steps to ensure they experience success.

During the workshop, your child will work on a small project to bring home. If they are unable to complete it during the allotted workshop time then they should leave equipped with the knowledge and skills to complete it.
Details of my various workshops can be found on the workshops page.

What ages do you cater for?
Children aged 7+ can participate in Hoop Hoop Hooray’s workshops providing they have the attention span to sit for its duration. Please make sure you enrol your child in an age appropriate class.

My child is very advanced but is not yet 5, can I still enrol them?
Short answer – no. Developmentally children under 5 may not be ready to participate in workshops like mine as they don’t yet have the fine motor skills but more so the patience to use the equipment as well as the concentration span for the duration of the workshop.

From time to time, I will offer age appropriate workshops that will cater for different age groups. These have been requested and I am working on it!

How many children are in each workshop?
I have a maximum of 6 children in each class to ensure your child receives adequate attention in order for them to have a positive and successful experience.

Where are the workshops run?
Hoop Hoop Hooray is a hobby business run out of my home in Greenwood. I provide my address upon your confirmation.

Do parents/carers stay for the class?
No offence, but you child will be so busy during the workshop that they might not even notice you are there! Parents are asked to ‘drop and go’ but if you have a very timid or nervous child you are welcome to stay for as long as you both feel the need while they settle in. Please also inform me of any behavioural/learning needs when you enrol and ask me for any café recommendations if you are out of area.

Can I drop my child earlier / pick them up later than the workshop time?
We need to have time to set up and then pack up after the workshop. Your child should arrive/leave no more than 15 minutes prior to, or after their workshops.

How do I enrol?
All available workshops are here on this website. You can enrol by choosing a workshop and following the payment details. No place is secure until full payment has been received.

My child is sick or is no longer able to attend the workshop I’ve booked them in to, can I get my money back?
No hard feelings but I don’t offer money back as I’ve already catered for your child’s place but… tickets are transferrable to someone else to attend that same workshop instead.

My child has a food allergy. Is food offered in class?
I provide some lollies, light snacks and juice for morning/afternoon tea. Please let me know on enrolment if your child has any allergies – food or otherwise.

Is my child going to make something good?
All children learn new skills at different rates. I will guide your child through the project, but please don’t expect that your child will have mastered all techniques (and completed the project) in such a short amount of time. The important thing is your child is having a go and developing many varied skills along the way!

Please contact Elise if you have any concerns about your child attending a workshop!